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"you're my first and last 'I love you.'"
Dec.30.12 - [sticky post] ehrm

i am potato. i pretend to write. baekhyun. baekyeol is my ship.

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this is my peasantlist. all fics are public as of now.

(no fic translations pls.)

peasantlistCollapse )
title: a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale
pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol
rating: pg
genre: romance, au
length: 26,811wc , 5 parts
warning: the usual cliche and dumb, and then more dumb
summary: Where Park Chanyeol is a modern day prince looking for his true love and Byun Baekhyun isn't exactly Cinderella. Also, there are no magical pumpkins or a fairy godmother here but there may be a talking mouse.

an: written ages ago for cj. ily bb even if u won't read this lol
an2: ty to nikka, steph and rebecca senpai and everyone who patted my potato head thru this ♥♥♥

Our story starts when Park Chanyeol is roughly awakened by the shrill ring of an alarm clock.Collapse )
title: when i'm dreaming, you don't seem so far
pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol
length : oneshot, 4787wc
rating: pg
genre: romance, slight angst, au
warning/s: fail adaptation of a wonderful story.; it's a choose not to warn so please tread carefully.
summary: with the turning of the season, chanyeol unexpectedly falls in love again.

an: heavily based on the manga Kosha Ura no Natsu by Sakurabi Hashigo
an2: for kisha ; title of the fic from "Bring Me the Night" - Sam Tsui & Kina Grannis

It's almost the end of summer.Collapse )
title: can i have this dance?
pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol (mentioned sehun/luhan)
genre: fluff, romance
rating: pg
length: 4812, oneshot
warning/s: more dumb than usual. this is so ridiculous i want to cry.
summary: Why do they always have to meet at the wrong time?
an: song lyrics used were from stevie wonder's isn't she lovely because look at this T__T this was written under the influence of paracetamol so pls forgive me i wanted fluff. written for baekmesomeyeol so ican check her off my to do list and bc fail fluff AHAHAH. also thanks to seoulbeat14 for encouraging me always and to pinocchio_hae for putting up w me too ;;;;

He's not crying. No, he's not.Collapse )
title: where the seas stay the same
pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol
genre: au, romance
length: 16,107 / twoshot
rating: nc-17

warning: all the cliches, fail sexy times, general dumb
summary: “Except there you were—my lighthouse. When I look at you, I'm home.”
an: written originally for chanbaekmemoirs with the prompt...let's forget about the prompt.
an2: thanks so much to nighttimefalls for making this readable and to baekfats bc oppanim.

No, no, no, it can't be.Collapse )
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