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Title: His
Pairing: kai/baekhyun, chanyeol/baekhyun 
Genre: romance, angst
Length: 800~

Either way, someone was bound to get hurt.

Jongin wished it wouldn't be him. He hoped and prayed that when the door to Baekhyun and Chanyeol's room opens, the pain wouldn't be his. His hands were clammy and shaking. The knuckles were skinned raw; bruises forming around the protruding bones, much like those that were circling his left eye.

He honestly couldn't remember who threw the first punch. One moment he was kissing Baekhyun and the next he was exchanging blows with Chanyeol. He didn't know that the taller boy could fight like that. He always thought that the sweet tempered guy was incapable of violence, although he completely understood how someone like him could lose control. If Baekhyun was yours, you would do anything to keep him.

Baekhyun was Chanyeol's.

But that wasn't on his mind when he pushed Baekhyun against the wall and moved his mouth hungrily over his. It wasn't even of consequence when he ignored the smaller boy's whimpers of protest, the weak shove against his shoulders. Because by that point all he could think about was that Baekhyun was finally in his arms and, God help him, he couldn't let go. I love you, Baek. It was a jolt right through his heart when after a few moments he felt Baekhyun's lips soften against his. He leaned in closer and the elder's beautiful hands were suddenly cupping his face, then running through his hair, ending the caress against his nape. He was pulling Jongin closer, opening his mouth to the younger's eager and probing tongue. He tasted salt but it was heaven. He always knew that Baekhyun would taste like heaven. He dreamt of kissing him for so long but couldn't do anything about it because Chanyeol got him first.

No, he thought. He was supposed to be mine. They've been dorm mates for three years, best friends for much longer than that. He always thought that they'd end up together, loving Baekhyun the way he has. He had been waiting for the right moment to confess but fate played a sick, twisted joke on him. If he had not introduced the two, if he had not asked Baekhyun to tutor his failing college mate, then he wouldn't have come home to their dorm one day to find Baekhyun and Chanyeol furiously making out on the ugly maroon and beige striped couch, the couch that he and Baekhyun bought together from a thrift store despite Jongin's protests. He hated that couch because it looked depressing as fuck and it would clash against their living room's light blue walls.

He loved that couch because Baekhyun smiled and beamed up at him when he finally relented to buy it.

It was supposed to be him running his lips across Baekhyun's exposed shoulder and grinding against him, between his thighs. It was supposed to be his waist that Baekhyun's slender leg was wrapped around in. It was supposed to be Jongin's name spilling from Baekhyun's kiss-swollen lips. But it wasn't.

He kept his mouth shut and watched as Chanyeol moved in. He kept his mouth glued together when the boy he loved was slowly being taken away from him. He kept his silence until this afternoon when he saw Baekhyun sitting on the same couch, crying. What hurt more than seeing Baekhyun's trembling shoulders and tear-filled eyes was the rejection he got when Jongin asked what was wrong. Baekhyun never kept things from him. That was, until Chanyeol.

So when his best friend stood up and brushed past him to get to his room, Jongin's hand automatically went to stop him from walking away. Is it Chanyeol? He asked quietly, chest aching. He had to know because he gave Baekhyun up and let the pain eat away at his heart everyday to make him happy. Chanyeol couldn't hurt his Baekhyun.

Baekhyun was precious to him.

His best friend looked up at him pleadingly, asking him without words to let him go but Jongin couldn't. It became too much. Why must he step aside when he knew, he knew, that he loved Baekhyun more? With a frustrated groan, he let go, not of Baekhyun but of himself.

Jongin looked at his hands, clenched and unclenched them. But Baekhyun kissed him back, didn't he? He suddenly felt afraid of the reason why. Maybe it wasn't heaven he found in Baekhyun's lips; maybe it was the burning ashes of pity, straight from hell.

The door opened and he stood up from the couch, the same couch where he dreamed of his best friend loving him in return. It was only Baekhyun who came out and walked straight into Jongin's arms. There was heartbreak even before Baekhyun spoke against his neck. I love him. He closed his eyes tight and gathered Baekhyun tighter. I know.

But he couldn't escape the pain as easily as the tears that did even with his eyes closed.

An: It seems all I can write are drabbles /trash/
and this is my first kai/baekhyun/chanyeol/whatever
i am experimenting on some... things.
please be kind. and no, i don't have anything against kai
he just ends up always alone in my fics. lol

Tags: !fanfic, genre: angst, length: drabble, pairing: baekyeol, pairing: kaibaek, rating: r
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