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Thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth...

Title: Thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth...
Pairing: Kai/Baekhyun
Genre: romance, fluff
Length: 1350~
Summary: Baekhyun wants to dance
AN: Made for Frances (airplanewishes ) so that she'll make me one, too. LOL please forgive me. /o\
this was supposed to be a very,very short drabble but it became this.. no story whatsoever, idek how to write anymore. lol

This was the thirty-second dance that he has attended this year but he has never had a chance to step on a dance floor before. He sighed wistfully as he gazed at the couples. It wasn't that Baekhyun was a wallflower, no. He was quite good-looking if he may say so himself. He wanted to try it once--the twirling, the gliding, the swaying-- but there was no place for dancing when you were invited to do only one thing: to sing.

Byun Baekhyun was the vocalist of a band they fondly called, well, the band. They didn't really have a name because they only get together when there are events that needed some music. The five-member group usually plays at weddings, proms, the occasional anniversary parties and engagements. The pay was good especially for self-supporting college students struggling through their third year. Also, Baekhyun enjoyed it. He absolutely adored singing, so what could be better than being paid for doing what you loved?

"You're zoning out again." There was a nudge against his shoulder from Sehun, their main guitarist.

"It's our break. I'm allowed to zone out." Baekhyun pouted, looking way younger than he has a right to be.

"Let him be, Sehun-ah. We can't have our diva lose his Zen." This from their bassist, Jongin. He was tuning his guitar and wasn't even looking at Baekhyun when he made the remark so Baekhyun thought it was safe to make a face at him. Out of his four band mates (including Suho at the keyboards and Minseok at the drums), he liked Jongin the least. There was that instant dislike when Sehun introduced them. Something crawled across his skin when they first shook hands and having never felt it before, Baekhyun pegged it as something like hatred.

Which was totally reasonable since Jongin turned out to be a real ass. A cool and sexy one at that but an ass, nonetheless. He always found the dark-skinned boy looking at him with heavy-lidded eyes which spoke of disapproval. There was always that insulting smirk when Baekhyun made a mistake. And just like earlier, it seemed that Jongin never spoke with and about him if it wasn't to insult or to make snide remarks. Alas, Jongin was a great bassist so despite Baekhyun's continuous requests to have him replaced, no one listened.

Suho drew a circle in the air with his forefinger, signaling the end of their break. Soft music filled the air as the band started to play. Baekhyun closed his eyes for a moment and immersed himself into the rhythm before opening his lips, accompanying the instruments with the sound of his voice.

I lost my mind, the moment I saw you
Except you, everything get in slow motion

Baekhyun watched as the newlywed couple danced in the middle of the floor, the bride's sparkling gown and the love radiating from their soft smiles making them stand out from the dancing crowd. The lady's head was against the groom's shoulder, their hands entwined, their hips swaying languidly to the melody of the love song. He realized that this was also one of the reasons why he loved being in the band. May it be in a wedding reception or a local high school prom, there was always that one couple that makes Baekhyun want to dance. Makes him want to find a partner, fall in love and dance.

They performed two sets more before the party ended. Baekhyun was tired and his voice was a little hoarse but he chose to stay at the venue for a little while. Maybe it was the flowers or the soft lighting or the light tinkling of crystals as the tableware were carted off, he wasn't sure, but he found the place relaxing. The others finished with packing their instruments and waved their goodbyes with Suho promising to call everyone when another gig comes up.

Baekhyun sat on the front edge of the stage, his legs dangling, and imagined himself on the dance floor. He was smiling and he was dancing, a feeling of contentment seeping through his bones. One of his hands clasped in a warm grip while the other rested on a straight shoulder. But Baekhyun was startled out of his musings because when he looked up at his imaginary partner it wasn't the blurred face he usually saw. His eyes found a familiar smirk and heavy-lidded eyes focused on him.

Baekhyun slapped his blushing cheeks with his hands. What was that? Why think of Jongin of all people...

"Ya." He jumped at the sound that was accompanied by a soft nudge of a foot against his left hip. "You are such a girl." Jongin said as he plopped down beside him. Baekhyun glared at the boy but realized that they were sitting too close together, hip to hip, their faces just a few inches apart. It was the most inopportune time, really, to recall about his earlier... vision. He refused to call it a dream. He blushed some more.

He quickly pulled back and stared at his feet but the idiot leaned closer to him, easily reclaiming their lost proximity. "What are you doing?"

"N-nothing. What are you still doing here?" He asked in return. Jongin shrugged in reply. They sat there in silence. Baekhyun honestly didn't know what to do because this... this felt nice. They watched as most of the lights were turned off, only a handful of servers left folding the tablecloths and fixing the chairs. A few beats more, Jongin hopped down from the stage and stood in front of Baekhyun. "Come on."

Baekhyun stared at the taller boy's proffered hand. "What?"

"I said come on." Jongin took hold of his hand, pulled him down and half-dragged him towards the center of the ballroom where a lone chandelier was on. Baekhyun probably looked like a dumb goldfish; he couldn't seem to form words and just kept on opening and closing his mouth alternately. Jongin pulled him close, placed both of his hands on either side of his neck, while the taller boy placed his on Baekhyun's waist.

What. "What?" Baekhyun's brain could barely function. It must be due to the lack of oxygen because he couldn't breathe.

"Let's dance."

"What?" He knew he sounded stupid. He knew, okay?

"Let. Us. Dance." Then Jongin led him into a slow swaying, their legs shifting against each other. All Baekhyun can do was stare at him dumbfounded. The taller boy laughed at his expression and pulled him just a tad closer. He placed his forehead against Baekhyun's. "This is the thirty-second dance we've been to. And I don't want to go on the thirty-third without doing this. I watched you sing tonight and asked myself how I could waste all those thirty-two chances I was given when I feel this way about you."

"What?" Baekhyun whispered, almost to himself.

"I know it's quite impossible to believe. I've been a jerk to you most of the time but... I was nervous. I'm nervous now." Jongin stopped dancing and pulled back a little to look at his face. "I've loved you, all those thirty-two dances we didn't dance. Since we met... Since we shook hands." The taller boy lifted his hand to cup Baekhyun's cheek. "How could I not?"

Baekhyun finally found his voice. And his brain. "But you always laugh at me. You always insult me and make fun of me." Disbelief laced his words.

"I'm eighteen." Jongin said, as if that was answer enough. Baekhyun burst into a short laugh. Maybe it was answer enough. It was grade school all over again. Pulling your classmate's hair and making them cry so they would notice you.

"You laughed." Jongin smiled down at him and Baekhyun felt that something crawl through him again. But this time he finally knew it wasn't hatred. Not at all. Jongin continued, "Does this mean-?"

"This means I'm letting you dance with me on the thirty-third, the thirty-fourth, the thirty-fifth-" But he wasn't able to finish his counting because he became too busy being kissed by Jongin.

Tags: !fanfic, length: drabble, pairing: kaibaek, rating: g
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