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The First Ever Fail Attempt at A Fic

Title: Into Your Smile
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: g
genre: cheese
length: oneshot
Summary: Baekhyun is in love with another guy, not knowing the perfect one might be beside him all along.

"There he goes... Baekhyun said with a sigh as he watches the school's heartthrob, Kris, passing by their cafeteria table.

"What? Who? aah..." Understanding dawed on Chanyeol, who was sitting beside him, when he saw who Baekhyun was sighing about. "Why don't you just go and talk to him and get it over with. All you do is sigh and moon over him. You'll never get anywhere if you stay here."

"Are you kidding? He is the most popular boy here. Athlete. Heartthrob Prince Perfect. Why would he talk to someone like me?" asked Baekhyun dejectedly.

"Yeah, why would he talk to you? Slob and shorty as you are." Chanyeol replies, heartily slapping his palm to his thigh in laughter.

"Hey! Are you my friend or what? You're supposed to bolster my spirit not damage it!"

"I'm just telling the truth. Besides, even if you are those things, you're also cute and sweet. Smart and lovable. Hmmm... the lies a best friend tells."

Chanyeol got an elbow to his side for his teasing. "C'mon, be serious for a minute here." Baekhyun begged. "Do you really think I'll have a chance with Kris?"

Chanyeol heaved a great sigh and turned serious. "Baekhyunnie, you know you're a great guy. All you have to do is let Kris know it." He turned towards baekhyun and looked him in the eye. "The first thing you have to do is walk over to him and smile. You have a great smile. He'll be stumped."  Chanyeol flashed his own smile at his friend.

Baekhyun felt a little stumped himself when he saw that big, dorky smile. But he soon recovered. "Just like that, huh?"

"Yup, just like that." Chanyeol replied, his brown curls bouncing in time with his enthusiastic nodding.

Baekhyun still had misgivings but if Chanyeol said he could do it, who was he to disagree? He had to admit that even if Chanyeol was weird and most of the time was a derp, he was also one of the most popular guys in school. Maybe it had something to do with his height which made Baekhyun feel like a dwarf next to him. Maybe it was his great skin. Or maybe it was because of his wide grin and loud laugh. Or most probably it was because of his sunny personality which made everyone want to hug him. Baekhyun mentally shrugged. Up to this day he still couldn't believe that it was Chanyeol who came up to him that first day of freshman year and asked him to be his friend. But best friends they had become and Chanyeol proved to be a great one. He was the only person who knew of Baekhyun's infatuation with Kris and puts up with his constant sighing and mooning lately. Even Baekhyun himself didn't recognize this moody and melancholy side of him.

"Well, Okay. I'll do it." Baekhyun told Chanyeol who flashed him a thumbs up upon hearing his decision. "I'll do it after class so go on home without me."

"Yes, sir!" Chanyeol said with a salute. "I'll keep the dorm neat and all in place until you return!"

Baekhyun rolled his eyes. "Fine. Just.. Just wish me luck, okay?"

"Don't worry, Baekhyunnie. Just smile. I'll see you tonight."

Chanyeol was looking alternately between his homework and the clock. It was almost 7PM, what's keeping Baekhyun?

He stopped when he noticed that he was impatiently tapping his pen and had not gotten any further on his paper since he started it 2 hours ago. He was somehow feeling anxious and he ddin't know why. He stood up and paced. Well, I hope everything went okay.

What he said to Baekhyun this afternoon was true. Baekhyun was a great guy. He was smart. He was cool and funny. Boy, could he make Chanyeol laugh. And he also had this great smile. It sort of lights up his face and makes you just want to be near him. That was why Chanyeol approached him during that first day of their freshman year. He saw Baekhyun smile and he felt as if he was at home even if he was miles away from his family. And if Kris didn't appreciate that then he was a fool, a stupid blind fool.

Chanyeol was startled out of his musings when he heard the door to their dorm open. He rushed out of the room and saw Baekhyun standing still and looking dazed.

"So, what happened?" Chanyeol asked his friend.

"What happened? Well, he.. I.. I smiled and.. He smiled and we smiled!" Baekhyun then burst out laughing, putting his hands on Chanyeol's shoulders and began promptly shaking him. "He smiled. He.. Kris! Kris smiled!"

Chanyeol couldn't help but grin at his friend's happiness. Even though baekhyun still had not stopped shaking him. What's a little dizziness when compared to Baekhyun's infectious laugh?

"So I get it. You both smiled. And then what?"

"Well, we talked a bit. If two hours is a bit. Ha!" Baekhyun was still grinning from ear to ear. "He was on his way to get something to eat and asked me if I wanted to come so I did. And it was really great!"

"Well, I hope you didn't turn him off with how much you eat," teased Chanyeol.

"Of course not! But Chanyeol. Really. It was great! Thanks for telling me to do this. I never knew.. just." Baekhyun smiled that special smile, gave Chanyeol a last squeeze and let go of him. "Just, thank you."

"Anything for you, Baekhyunnie."  Chanyeol quietly said while watching his friend disappear to his room.  He was happy for Baekhyun but he didn't know why his chest felt a little too tight.

"I've grown two heads and if that isn't creepy enough, one of them looks like you," Baekhyun said while slumping on the sofa beside Chanyeol, who looked inordinately preoccupied with whatever he was watching.

"What?" Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun. "You didn't. And you would be more handsome if you actually got my face!"

"Well, I'm glad to know you still hear me when I talk. We haven't spoken that much in a week and you're there giving more attention to the TV than me," Baekhyun complained sulkily.

"I've been busy and you've been busy going out with Kris and all." Chanyeol said, returning his gaze to the screen.

"I know, I know." Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol's profile. He really did miss talking to him. And he knows it's partly his fault that he didn't get to hang out with his friend for the past week. He was always getting home late. He liked spending time with Kris and getting to know him better but he still feels the best when he's goofing around with Chanyeol. And he's not sure but since last week, Chanyeol's a bit distant than usual.

"Hey, Do we have a problem? I mean.. Are you kind of angry with me.. or something?" Baekhyun asks hesitantly.

"Are you kidding me? Of course not. Why would I be angry with you? Even though you have been neglecting me for the past week..." Chanyeol trailed off with a cheeky grin.

Baekhyun hit him with a throw pillow."Come off it! I didn't neglect you. Well, if ever I did I can make up for that today. I'm actually all yours this weekend." Baekhyun didn't make any plans with Kris for the weekend so he can spend it with his best friend.

Chanyeol turned off the TV and focused his attention to Baekhyun. "Really? All mine?"

Unexpectedly, Baekhyun's heart skipped and tripped and somersaulted. ALL MINE.

"Yeah.. for this weekend. Sure."

"If you say so." Chanyeol flashed Baekhyun his derpy smile and Baekhyun's heart skipped and tripped and somersaulted all over again.

Chanyeol was having the time of his, well, life. He was leisurely floating away after he just gave Baekhyun a dunking at the pool and his best friend was still flailing wildly and sputtering water everywhere.

"I'll get you for this!" Baekhyun sputtered, coughed and sputtered some more.

Chanyeol gave a whoop of laughter knowing he'd rile Baekhyun more with the sound. This was the best he felt in a week. Ever since Baekhyun came home that night when he first talked to Kris, he wasn't able to breath easily. Like there was something lodged in his chest that he couldn't remove. He closed his eyes and sighed with contentment. Today, he felt light. He was floating literally and figuratively.

"Gotcha!" Baekhyun sprang up and pulled Chanyeol below the water. Now it was his turn to flail and sputter.

"Ha! Serves you right! Oh, vengeance is really sweet!" Baekhyun laughingly joked.

While Chanyeol was rubbing his eye from the sting of the pool water, he blindly turned to the sound of Baekhyun's laughter, lunged for him and caught him in the arm.

"Just you wait!" Chanyeol threatened.

Baekhyun took pity on Chanyeol. He helped his friend rub the water out of his eyes with his free hand and swept Chanyeol's hair from his eyes.

Chanyeol couldn't move. One minute he was pretending to be blinded while plotting on his revenge and the next he was staring at Baekhyun smiling that special smile of his and feeling his hand on his face (Well, eyes but it was the same to him). His chest felt tight again. And then his heart skipped, tripped and somersaulted.

Chanyeol realized that Baekhyun was no longer smiling but was staring at him curiously and his hand was now slowly caressing his cheek in a dizzying, hypnotizing way.

As if awakened from a trance, Baekhyun shook his head, took his hand away and started to turn away.

"No." Chanyeol said instinctively. Feeling inexplicably panicked that he was going to loose this moment with Baekhyun, he caught Baekhyun's shoulder and turned him so they were face to face. At a loss for words and confused about what was happening, he touched his forehead to Baekhyun's. "I... Don't go."

Baekhyun didn't know what's going on inside Chanyeol's pretty head. All he knew was that he couldn't move. It had been three years since they first met but how come he had never felt this way before? This overwhelming feeling to be close and then closer? Sure, there were times when they slept beside each other, too exhausted from school work to move from the sofa. Or times when they hugged after winning a basket ball game. But they have never been this close. Sharing the same breath and looking into each other's eyes, into one another's soul.  Never had he wanted anything than for time to stop so he can hold on to Chanyeol forever.

"Chanyeol...?" whispered Baekhyun.

"Baekhyunnie." And with that Chanyeol closed the distance and kissed him.

Baekhyun was nervous as he slid the key and opened the door to their dorm. He already broke it off with Kris. How could he possibly continue seeing him if he feels this strongly about Chanyeol? At first he thought what he felt for Kris was love but that was nothing compared to the feel of his and Chanyeol's arms around each other, the feeling of peace that came with it.

He couldn't stop thinking about last weekend and the decidedly awkward end to their poolside trip. Chanyeol abruptly broke off the kiss, uttered a thousand I'm sorry's and hurriedly swam away, leaving Baekhyun dumbfounded and confused. After five days, (yes, a whopping 5 days!), Chanyeol still hadn't talked to him and he was getting desperate. Was he the only one who felt the earth shift when their lips touched? Was he the only one who felt that for the first time everything was right?

He purposefully skipped his last subject so he could come home earlier than Chanyeol and prepare his speech. His speech. How would he go about it again? Oh. Yeah, tell Chanyeol how they should be together and how he didn't like how he ignored him for this past week and how he's going to be sorry for ignoring Baekhyun because he was gonna make Chanyeol pay for it dearly and... and... Can Chanyeol just please kiss him again because Baekhyun loves him. A lot.

Baekhyun paced, looked at the clock and paced some more. Chanyeol wasn't expecting him to be at home during this time so Baekhyun had the advantage of surprise. Chanyeol can't escape him this time. Baekhyun jumped at the sound of the door opening and rushed to meet his best friend.


"Baekhyun!" Chanyeol looked surprised for a moment but quickly recovered and hid it with a smile. "What are you doing here early? Skipped class? Oh, boy. Returning to your old dirty ways huh?" Chanyeol teased with a forced laugh.

"We need to talk. About what happened..."

Chanyeol stopped laughing. "Believe me I know. I'm sorry about what happened."

"You are?"

"Yes. It shouldn't have happened. It was wrong. I really am sorry. I know how much you wanted Kris and I found out that you stopped seeing him. It's all my fault. I never should have kissed... Should've done that. But don't worry, I already started making it up to you. I talked with Kris this morning and explained how you were just probably confused and I told him that you really want him..." Chanyeol's voice trailed off as he saw the stricken look on Baekhyun's face.

"You said what? How dare you decide what I want or what I don't want? I don't want Kris. I want you. I love you. But I guess that was a mistake, huh?" Baekhyun said, hurt.

Chanyeol looked stunned. Baekhyun was suddenly tired. He thought Chanyeol felt something for him. He was really hoping that he felt the same way. But how can Chanyeol be in love with him if he was so willing to give Baekhyun away?

Chanyeol saw the hurt in Baekhyun's eyes as he walked past him and left the dorm. He stood there motionless. It took a long moment for what happened to sink in. Chanyeol felt as if a huge brick just hit him between the eyes. Baekhyunnie loves me?

"Baekhyun loves me." Chanyeol felt his feet move and he ran for the door. He ran and ran, looking for Baekhyun. He loves me. Me!

Chanyeol laughed out loud and felt happiness spread through him even as his feet go numb from running. But he soon sobered as he remembered how much he must have hurt Baekhyun. He was the stupid, blind fool!

Chanyeol wanted to find Baekhyun soon so he could tell him how stupid he was and how much he loved him. How much his smile meant to him and how he made him happy. He now understood that he started to fall in love with his friend three years ago when he first saw Baekhyun smile that special smile and he had been falling further in love with him everyday since.

"Baekhyun, where are you?" Chanyeol was feeling panicky again. He didn't want another minute for Baekhyun to feel sad. Or more truthfully, he didn't want to give Baekhyun another minute to have a change of heart. He already wasted five days as it was.

Up ahead he saw a lone figure walking, a sad droop to his shoulders.

"Baekhyun! Baekhyunnie!"

Baekhyun stopped walking and looked back. Upon seeing Chanyeol, he started walking again.

"Wait! Don't go! Please. Don't go." Chanyeol pleaded.

Baekhyun stopped again and this time Chanyeol was able to reach him. He moved in front of Baekhyun and held on to his shoulders.

"You know the first time you told me not to go, I stayed. But you were the one who left." Baekhyun said quietly.

"I know. I didn't really want to go. But as stupid as I am, I thought.. I thought you were in love with somebody else."

"I held onto you, I kissed you back and you thought I was in love with somebody else?"

"You can punish me everyday for that piece of stupidity. Just please don't give up on me. I really love you. I feel so lucky every time you smile at me cause you were doing it just for me. I was jealous when you told me you liked Kris. When I told you to smile at him, I wanted to take the words back  cause I realized you were also gonna show him your special smile but I want it to just be mine. I want you just to be mine."

Baekhyun felt it start all over again. The skipping, the tripping and the somersaulting. The kind he only felt when he was with Chanyeol.

"You know what Kris said when I told him that I couldn't see him anymore?"

"What?" Chanyeol asked expectantly.

"He told me that he knew it was coming, after all he said that I only smile that special smile when I'm with you."

an: i should delete this but oh well..

Tags: !fanfic, length: drabble, pairing: baekyeol, rating: g
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